IT Outsourcing

CRP Technology offers a global trend: IT Outsourcing, which is nothing more than delivering services related to Information Technology to a specialized company in this segment.

The advantages are many: simplified and fixed contraction, with no labor costs, it is not necessary to invest in training, centralization of incidents and problems, reduction of costs and focus on strategic issues and the core business of the company.

We follow the best practices defined in ITIL, which is the framework that guides organizations to achieve their business objectives by appropriately using IT services.

CRP operates with market-leading solutions and international operations. All the infrastructure in our datacenter and our clients lead to DELL quality through servers, backups and firewall applications, among other big manufacturers like Kaspersky, Quest and Sonicwall. All this in a simplified way, faster and at a lower cost than you think.

Managed Firewall Service

CRP Tecnologia works to ensure that its clients have the necessary protection of their data, in order to preserve the value of their information - and thus giving the security of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

The most important for a company is its customer portfolio. The information that concerns them needs to be fully protected, to avoid losses and even sequestration of data. To get an idea of the importance of information security, just imagine the server of a company be invaded or even the emails are exposed, reaching managers and employees. The damage may be irreversible.

IT Support

Diagnose and execute solutions for the proper functioning of your business ti: the work of crp technology aims to achieve the best performance of actions so that your company dedicates itself more objectively to its core business.

For companies that need an IT that can not stop working under any circumstances, the support that CRP offers solves everything on time and from a hardware problem to the best configuration for the company's sales system.


Exchange the Outsourcing data center movement, delivering the task to crp technology - a specialized company - has two fundamental objectives: to reduce risks and costs and to become more agile and competitive the performance of your company in the market. Depending on the size of the company, the installation of a unique Data Center can cost thousands of dollars, not counting recurrent costs such as: energy, environmental security, staff, etc. However, even with all these costs, the company runs risks - which can be eliminated with the hiring of CRP Technology. And with monthly values totally viable, for any type of company.

Managed Backup Service

To make sure that your company can count on a reliable backup, if you have a problem, CRP offers complete security with cost reduction, management, prevention of hijacking of information and protection against data loss.
Having copies across multiple media, physical or cloud, is critical to keeping data protected. CRP Tecnologia makes sure that there are secure copies, so that, in no case, the company will be without its data - whether by accident, fire or cyber attacks.

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