MPS-SW certification, level F

On May 4, 2016, the evaluation of the software processes of the company KRP Consultoria em Tecnologia de Informação Ltda (CRP Tecnologia) was completed, at its organizational unit in Palmas/TO. The conclusion of the evaluation is that the company meets the Level F criteria of the MR-MPS-SW reference model.

Definition of processes and improvement in quality. "MPS.BR will provide CRP Tecnologia a significant evolution in the construction and delivery of its projects, promoting higher quality for customers, greater comfort and precision for our team, which will make our company more professional and competitive in the Brazilian market and world. In addition, it will cause a change in the other areas of the company as well, since they will follow this line of process definition and improvement in quality, thus causing a complete evolution for the company, "said Uelson Ricardo do Nascimento - Executive Director of the company.

The evaluation team was formed by: Renato Ferraz Machado, leading evaluator, and Plantina Dias Fernandes Lipori, from the QualityFocus Evaluation Agency (IA) - Consultoria e Serviços em Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.

Evolution. "The MPS.BR has brought evolution in every way. The company started to excel in the local market, opening doors to new opportunities that had not been reached before. As a professional I had a sensational experience when participating in the evaluation team and having two different perspectives. This opened my mind and clarified several points related to the modeling of our processes. I fell in love with this area and I want to continue working at full steam in order to reach the next levels as soon as possible, "said Jhonatas Henrique de Lima Mota - representative in the company in the evaluation team.

Vision. "The commitment of CRP Tecnologia, as well as the entire team involved, was fundamental to the achievement of the F level of the MPS-SW model. It was the confirmation and recognition of all the efforts that CRP Tecnologia strives towards our clients. Being a member of the evaluation team was an important milestone in my professional life, allowing a different vision and experience in relation to the evaluation model, something that will contribute to the desired future levels. May the next come! I thank all those involved, "added Jorge Takahashi - the company's representative on the evaluation team.

Congratulations! "CRP is the first company evaluated MPS.BR in the state of Tocantis. And he did live up to this position. A modern company, dynamic and in tune with the national and international market. Congratulations to all of CRP for this extremely important achievement that will certainly bring even greater visibility to the company, "concluded lead evaluator Renato Ferraz Machado.

The mobilizing program MPS.BR is a Brazilian initiative launched in December 2003, coordinated by the Association for the Promotion of Excellence in Brazilian Software - Softex, which aims to improve processes in all regions of the country in a fair time interval, at an affordable cost. MPS.BR counts on investments from companies and support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and SEBRAE. Updated information on the MPS.BR Program and the MPS Model, including goals and results achieved, can be found at Softex Portal <>.

The MPS.BR Program has 2 goals. The first goal is technical, aiming at the creation and improvement of the MPS Model - composed of Reference Models MR-MPS-SW (Software MPS), MR-MPS-SV (Services MPS), MR-MPS-RH Personnel Management) and the MPS Evaluation Method (MA-MPS). MR-MPS-SW and MA-MPS follow international standards and standards: they comply with International Standards ISO / IEC 12207 and ISO / IEC 15504, are compatible with the CMMI-DEV model, are based on the best engineering practices software and are appropriate to the reality of Brazilian and related companies. The MR-MPS-SV has as references the international standards ISO / IEC 20000 and ISO / IEC 15504, and the model CMMI-SVC®. The MR-MPS-RH has as references the international standards NBR ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / IEC 15504, the P-CMM® (People Capability Maturity Model) model, the Mexican standard NMX-I-059/2-NYCE-2011 , in addition to models of excellence such as PNQ - National Quality Award. The second goal is to disseminate the MPS Model in the market, with the implementation of MR-MPS and MA-MPS evaluation in both micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large public and private companies.

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